A handwriting app designed for Australian school children and preschoolers.

We invite you to download rED Writing today and let your children discover how much fun (and easy it is) to learn to handwrite the right way!

rED Writing is an Australian made app that has been designed to teach school children and preschoolers how to write letters of the alphabet and numbers, using education approved fonts.

rED Writing is the only handwriting app on Apple iStore that features ALL of the fonts taught in Australian schools and teaches the correct writing directions for letter and number formation.

5 great reasons to buy rED Writing

rED Writing is the only educational app on the Apple iTunes store today that teaches children how to write letters and numbers using Australian education approved font taught at your local school.


My kids have fallen in love with this app. As a teacher I am impressed that they can use NSW Foundation font - the only app that I have found where this is possible. As a parent I am pleased that both of my kids can use it. We found that if you log out (press on the joystick in the top right hand corner) then you can set up for multiple users. This is fantastic as kids can earn their own rewards at their own pace. Great for families with kids at different stages of handwriting development like mine. The soundtrack is boppy and not at all annoying. Voiceovers are helpful and clear. This app is of a very high standard and is great value for money.

by Infants teacher | Jan 2012

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